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Oak Park's Boarding

"Below you will find information related to our boarding facility. We strongly support and encourage the pet socialization movement that has developed from the numerous doggie day care facilities that have opened in the metro area over the past ten years. However, if your pet is not a social butterfly, or you need a more affordable and safe alternative we hope you will consider us for your dog and cat boarding needs".


We offer a comfortable, safe, and caring place for your pet to board with the added benefit of on-site veterinary care should your pet need it during a boarding stay. We have separate dog and cat rooms to help reduce boarding anxiety. We offer runs and cages that are selected based on your pets size and weight in order to provide maximum comfort during their stay. All boarding facilities are on-site, private, indoors, and climate controlled. Feel free to bring your pet's favorite food or we are happy to provide that for you at no additional charge. We have carefully selected our foods to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal distress during their stay. Your pet's accommodations are kept clean and dry throughout the day. Bedding is provided daily to keep your pet comfortable. Each pet is monitored numerous timers throughout the day for general comfort, behavior, activity level, eating habits, as well as urine & bowel function. Dogs are walked a minimum of three times per day every day while our willing feline guest enjoy some quality private play time in the cat room with our caring staff daily. Dr. Strickland is informed immediately of any changes to your pets behavior or wellness both during and outside of normal clinic hours.


Illness or Medical Emergencies While Boarding


At the time you drop off your pet you will be asked to complete and sign a brief boarding agreement. Within this agreement you will be asked how you wish us to treat your pet should a medical illness or emergency arise during boarding. You will be given several options for treatment including but not limited to calling you before beginning any treatment, treat as needed until I return, begin life support treatment and notify me when my pet is stabilized for any additional treatment, or diagnostic testing that may be required. We will then treat your pet as outlined on the boarding agreement and make every attempt to keep you informed while you are away from your pet via phone or e-mail. All fees for medical or diagnostic treatment are the responsibility of the owner and payment will be expected at the time of pickup. We are also happy to vaccinate any pets that wish to board with us but is not current on its virus protection. We will vaccinate on the first day of boarding and monitor your pet for any adverse vaccination reactions throughout the day. Vaccinations are not included in the price of boarding and payment will be expected at the time of pickup.

One of our representatives will be happy to contact you via e-mail within 24 hours, or for urgent needs please call us at: (913) 888-3939