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Article 10: Pet Travel Q&A

To Spay/Neuter or Not to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

That is often the question isn’t it? When you become the new owner of a puppy or kitten it is a time for excitement and euphoria. The level of mutual admiration is at its peak. We often want nothing to get in the way of that admiration. Believe it or not clients come in all the time feeling guilty about putting their pet through a procedure that will take away their maleness or femaleness. Well, the short answer to this age-old question of pet owners is, drum roll please…..yes, emphatically yes your pet needs to be spayed or neutered at an early age.


Now, the longer answer with some important facts thrown in for good measure. First, I feel it is the societal, and moral obligation and responsibility of every pet owner to spay and/or neuter their pets in order to help control the rampant pet overpopulation in America. Our shelters are full of homeless pets that were bred from well-intentioned pet owners who inadvertently let their pet

outside. They are also filled with less-than-well-intentioned pet owners who deposited their unwanted or unruly pet in a rural or urban area to fend for themselves resulting in a perpetual

breeding stock of feral dogs and cats. Spaying or neutering should be looked at as a normal part of pet ownership unless to plan on breeding your dog or cat for show or sale stock.


Each year we euthanize millions of dogs needlessly. Each one of us can take an active part in dramatically reducing this number by having our pets surgically sterilized. The side benefit is that your pet’s overall wellness throughout their life will be improved.


Let’s first dispel some myths associated with spaying and neutering.

Myth #1: My female pet will have better overall behavior if she become pregnant and delivers a litter of puppies/kittens. Even a single pregnancy will not improve the overall behavior of female dogs and cats. In fact the opposite is more likely to occur by becoming more impatient,

stressed, and anti-social.

Myth # 2: My pet will get fat after surgery. While pet obesity is also a huge problem it has nothing to do with spaying or neutering your pet. Lack of exercise and over-feeding are the two biggest causes of obesity in our pets. I will save this topic for a future newsletter. Until then, after your pet has recovered from this surgical procedure regular exercise and a balanced diet

with the correct daily food portion size will be all your pet needs to maintaina healthy weight.

Myth #3: My pet will not be as smart, will not learn as well, and will not be suitable for field work

or hunting. This surgical procedure, like most surgical procedures will have no impact on the intelligence of your pet. It normally makes them a more calm pet and a calm pet is much better at listening and following commands than an excited pet.

Now let’s discuss some added health benefits associated with spaying and neutering.


Benefit # 1: Your female dog will no longer experience a reproduction “heat” cycle that would

normally occur every six months. With that heat cycle comes a bloody discharge for up to 21 days, an anxious or agitated pet trying to seek out a mate while her biological clock is ticking,

and possibly an aggressive dog toward other pets and small children in the home. Who needs that twice-a-year for the life of the pet.

Benefit # 2: Your female cat will not have the constant yowling and scent spreading urination

outside the litter box that comes with a cat experiencing their reproduction cycle.

Benefit # 3: Spaying your pet will greatly reduce the risk of several types of potentially malignant

neoplasias such as breast cancer to name one.

Benefit #4: Early spaying will help your pet avoid many serious overall wellness issues that

might arise later in life like repetitive uterine and urinary infections.

Benefit # 5: Neutering your male pet greatly reduces the breeding instinct and usually has a very calming effect if done early.

Benefit # 6: Neutered pets have less desire to roam away from home thus reducing the risk of being a victim of hit-by-car, animal control pickup, victim of a fight with another dog.

Benefit # 7: Neutered pets are less likely to develop several types of potentially malignant

neoplasias such as prostate or testicular cancer to name a couple.

Benefit # 8: Your home will remain smelling like the day before you got your new puppy or kitten and not like a fully occupied kennel.

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