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Article 11: Warning Signs Q&A


Just like with our kids it is often tough to know when you should wait out an illness to resolve

itself and when you should bring your pet to the vet.  Many things often appear to be worse than

they are, and many times what seems like a minor symptom may turn into a really big deal if left alone.


Here are some basic general guidelines to follow when determining if it is time to see the vet or

not. No matter what you should always feel comfortable enough to talk to your veterinarian on the phone when you have a question or need help in determining the severity of a symptom.


Don’t be surprised if your vet needs to call you back to discuss your issue due to their appointment schedule, but at a minimum you should expect a return call by someone from the clinic with medical knowledge the same day. If you feel the symptoms require immediate attention you should contact your veterinarian first to determine if they think you need to seek emergency care. If they are unable to see your pet at that moment, or feel the symptoms require specialty care they will direct you to your local veterinary emergency clinic for immediate assistance.


The biggest thing related to this subject we see is that a client will wait two to three days to

make that initial call thinking it will resolve and by that point the pet’s symptoms have progressed to the point of a critical emergency when it could have been resolved with minimal treatment and cost if we had been made aware of it immediately. Always remember the phone call to your veterinarian is free.

Any of these above symptoms can lead to a critical medical condition requiring immediate treatment so when you call your veterinarian be prepared to describe your pet’s symptom(s) in detail. How long has the symptom been present? Has the pet been exposed to any unusual or unique environmental changes that coincide with the symptom? Has your pet been exposed to any other animal that coincides with the symptom? The more information you have to share the more accurate care plan your veterinarian can develop for your pet



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